What is the big board?

The big board is a hand-written schedule of gatekeepers, prayer leaders, worship leaders who are committed to fulfilling specific times each week. It is broken up in two hour slots for simplicity, but the volunteer has the freedom to customize times that work best for them. 

As the team of LTPR volunteers is built, the BIG BOARD will be updated to regularly to reflect the current weekly commitments.



The BIG BOARD denotes live worship times with a star (*) by the worship leader's name. The "key" below will let you know what type of live set each will be. 

I= Intercession (worship and prayer for specific topics)

D=Devotional Worship (worship from 1 or 2 singers/musicians)

W= Worship with the Word  (worship and prayer developing a passage from the Bible)

P= Prayer Leader (coordinates and leads prayer during Intercession/WWTW sets)