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L T H S  S T U  D E N T S:

Hey there! Thanks for taking a minute to check out how you can serve your community in the place of prayer. We hope you find a place here at LTPR. 

The Lake Travis Prayer Room is a Christian organization, comprised of people who believe in Jesus and love Him. For more on our beliefs, click here. To check out our vision as a prayer room, click here.

We would love to see you fulfill some (or all) of your required 100 hours of community service before Graduation in the context of focused prayer. Here at the Lake Travis Prayer Room, we believe that prayer can transform a community, and bring many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

As a LTPR "Gatekeeper", you will have the opportunity to learn more about prayer through our numerous resources and willing staff.  While you grow in prayer, you will be simultaneously transforming your community through your times of focused "intercession" (standing in the gap in prayer for others). 

Sure, you can do some gardening at the old folks home that might look nice for a few weeks, but here, through prayer, you can ask God to do some gardening of people's hearts that will last FOREVER!

If you would like know more, or sign up to be trained as a "gatekeeper", fill out the form below! One of our dedicated Lake Travis Prayer Room Staff will contact you shortly!

We will sign off on the hours that you fulfill as a Gatekeeper. For more info on Cavs in Service, click here.


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