What is a Gatekeeper?

“ Of these, twenty-four thousand were to look after the work of the house of the Lord, six thousand were officers and judges, four thousand were gatekeepers, and four thousand praised the Lord with musical instruments... " 1 Chronicles 23:4

Gatekeepers in the tabernacle of David had the role of security both in a natural and spiritual sense. They were to defend the city gates from attacking bands of enemies that would ultimately disrupt the continual worship. They also stood watch for any coming persons bringing good news. Thankfully in Lakeway, TX, we do not have this imminent danger, although we do have simple necessities that are required to fulfill our expression of day and night worship and prayer. 

Gatekeepers are  free to pray, read & study God’s Word, do any personal work*, or just relax and ‘unplug’ in God’s presence. 

*LTPR’s main goal is to fill the Lake Travis and greater Austin region with prayer and worship. The more time our Gatekeepers spend in prayer and worship, the more we are fulfilling God’s dream and ours for the use of this space. 

BOTTOM LINE: YOU Watch & pray

Gatekeepers serve on a weekly basis, fulfilling a 1-2 hour slot that fits best in their weekly schedule

For the current Gatekeeper schedule, click HERE

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We have  "Lead Gatekeeper" and "General Gatekeeper" volunteer positions. Their roles and responsibilities are made clear in the PDF documents attached below. Gatekeeper Opening Procedure and Gatekeeper Closing Procedure are also attached here for quick reference. 

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