The Lake Travis Prayer room is a community resource center for sustained prayer & worship.

For the individual, we provide a distraction-free, worship-filled & God-centered space designed for personal encounters with his presence.

For the community, we offer weekly live community sets where we sing songs to Jesus & pray biblically with faith. 

We are convinced that individuals and local church communities engaging in unified, focused prayer & worship will actually shift the spiritual atmosphere in our region & make it easier for people to say "yes" to Jesus.


1. To welcome and host the presence of God; to glorify and honor His name with sustained prayer and worship

2. To provide a place for an entire community to pray, worship and experience deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ regardless of denomination or church affiliation

3. To heal the sick, feed the hungry (through our Food Pantry), and make disciples in the context of the local churches in the Lake Travis region

4. To provide resources that will develop a culture of prayer and encourage a lifestyle of power outside the 'four walls' of the prayer room. We want everyone to see themselves as a walking “house of prayer” wherever they are.

Vision Explained


Our world is hectic, crazy and loud. We are constantly bombarded with information through our cell phones and other sources. The wants, needs and pressures of this life can seem incessant. To combat that deceptive trap of being overwhelmed and frantic, we aim to have these outside pressures quieted here. We have created LTPR as a sacred, quiet space for you. A refuge from the "heat" and noise of 21st Century Western Culture. Accordingly we ask that conversations be kept to a minimum volume and length while in the prayer room. Feel free to use the lobby, or step outside if you need to have a lengthy or loud conversation.

Worship filled

We aim to have continual worship occurring in the prayer room. Scripture describes Heaven’s Worship as continual. And Jesus taught us to pray “On earth, as it is in Heaven” and so we take that prayer seriously and aim to have it “In the Lake Travis Prayer Room, as it is in Heaven”. When live worship is not occurring, this is accomplished through having music playing through our speakers with the International House of Prayer live stream, the Bethel Worship archives, or your favorite Christian artist on our Spotify worship playlists.

god centered

It’s all about Him. It’s all about His glory in the earth. It’s all about the Great Name of Jesus being loved, respected, honored and praised rightly. And our obedience here helps that happen. Our priority is to meet with Him, receive His love and give our love back to Him, before any prayer for anything else happens. He is worthy of 25/8. We will give Him our all.

Personal Encounters leading to societal Transformation

We believe that time spent in the prayer room translates naturally into practical love in our community. The encounter and transformation that occurs here causes the character of Jesus to be developed and then displayed outside these "4 walls". We become walking houses of prayer wherever we are. We become the answer to our own prayers prayed here in this room. 

Transformed people transform people. Encountered people encounter people.